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Caspar Headlands State Parks on the Beach - Guide to Caspar Headlands State Beach

Caspar Headlands State Beach is a protected beach on the coast of California, in Mendocino County, located in Northern California. It is located near the village of Caspar.

In the early part of the twentieth century, the area was used for logging. The logging operations ceased in 1955. In March 1939 after the completion of the Golden Gate Bridge, the area of California north of the Golden Gate was open to exploration by automobile. Prior to that time, roads into the area were crude or non-existent.

In 1997, the main landowner in Caspar announced that he would be selling approximately 300 acres (120 ha) of the village of Caspar, including part of the beach. Then, in late 1998, the citizens of the village of Caspar persuaded the Trust for Public Land, based out of San Francisco, to protected the land. The Mendocino Land Trust acquired the adjoining beach in 1999. Then in 2000, the village of Caspar and the Mendocino Land Trust used a grant from the California State Coastal Conservancy as well as state and federal funds to purchase the Caspar Headlands. The Mendocino Land Trust managed the land until the California Department of Parks and Recreation assumed ownership in June 2002. State Senator Wesley Chesbro was present at the opening ceremony.

A hiking trail, part of the California Coastal Trail, was established in 2011 and connects the beach to the Point Cabrillo Light one mile to the south.

Recreational in Caspar Headlands State Beach

The beach is popular for swimming, boating, hiking, and fishing such as Coho salmon and steelhead trout. This area has miles of undeveloped beach adjacent to the headlands and a panoramic ocean view.

Whale Watching Caspar Headlands State Beach

Caspar Headlands State Beach is a popular place to watch migrating gray whales. As the northern ice pushes southwards in each October, small groups of gray whales in the eastern Pacific start a two to three-month, 5,000–6,800 mile southern trip. They begin their trip from Bering and Chukchi seas and ending in the warm-water lagoons of Mexico's Baja peninsula and the southern Gulf of California. Gray Whales travel along the west coast of Canada, the United States and Mexico.

Traveling night and day, gray whales averages approximately 75 miles per day at an average speed of 5 mph. This longest annual migration of any mammal is a round trip of 9,900–14,000 miles. By mid-December to early January, gray whales are often visible from shores of Caspar Headlands State Beach..

Location of Caspar Headlands State Beach

Location: Use following Coordinates: 39°21'40"N 123°49'25"W in a GPS for exact locations. The beach is two miles north of Russian Gulch on the coast access road (Point Cabrillo Drive.) From the north, it is one mile south of the turnoff at milepost 54.71 on Highway One. Here is the telephone 707-937-5804 number of the Caspar Headlands State Beach.

Here is a detailed list of other state beaches of California besides Caspar Headlands State Beach.

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