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Pelican State Parks on the Beach - Guide to Pelican State Beach

Pelican State Beach in Pelican, California

Pelican State Beach in Pelican, California (in Del Norte County County)

Pelican State Beach is a beach located in Del Norte County, California. Located 21 miles (30 km) north of Crescent City on US Route 101 near the town of Smith River, this undeveloped site is immediately south of the Oregon state line, making this site the northernmost California state beach. This beach is great for walking and beachcombing, along the beautiful ocean views.

Pelican State Beach offers beautiful ocean views. This undeveloped site is on the Oregon border. The small, secluded beach is perfect for walking and beachcombing. The beach has the distinction of being the northern-most state beach.

At five acres, this sandy beach contains grassy dunes and driftwood. Although facilities are unavailable, parking is available. Climate can vary a lot, from cool, rainy winters to very sunny fall and spring.

Location of Pelican State Beach

The Pelican State Beach is located at 41°59'33"N 124°12'36"W. The beach is 21 miles north of Crescent City on Highway 101. Smith River, CA. Pelican State Beach can be contacted at 707-465-2145. The address of Pelican State Beach is US Highway 101 N. at Gilbert Way, Smith River, CA.

Here is a driving map to Pelican State Beach.

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