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Dockweiler State Parks on the Beach - Guide to Dockweiler State Beach

Dockweiler State Beach Corona Los Angeles, California

Dockweiler State Beach in Los Angeles, California

Dockweiler State Beach is a Los Angeles beach protected under the state park system. Part of the park is located directly under the flight path of the immediately adjacent Los Angeles International Airport. Additionally, it is one of the few beaches in Los Angeles County where bonfires are permitted. The site holds a hang gliding flight-training park.

Dockweiler Beach sits adjacent to El Segundo and can be accessed easily from Playa del Rey to the north. In summer, it attracts large numbers of visitors wishing to combine a day at the beach with the chance to enjoy a barbecue on any one of the concrete pits provided for this purpose. Between the beach and the airport lies the ghost town of Palisades del Rey.

The unique combination of beach barbecues against a backdrop of heavily laden 747 and A340 aircraft at takeoff thrust, powering their way over the Pacific Ocean, is said to make for an interesting experience not to be had in many other environments along the California coast. If anything, it makes for a fairylight display as seen from the windows of aircraft departing over the ocean.

Coupled with the sight, sound and scent of aircraft, Dockweiler sits close to the Hyperion Sewage Treatment Plant and LADWP's Scattergood Generating Station, whose red and white striped towers shadow over the beach.

Dockweiler State Beach features a three mile long shoreline with a picnic area and concession stand.

Hang Glider Flight Training Park inn Dockweiler State Beach

The state of California and the County of Los Angeles formed the Dockweiler Beach Hang Glider Flight Training Park that has a flight-altitude limit of 60 feet above ground level. The Los Angeles International Airport and the Federal Aviation Association approved of the hang glider flying so close to the airport. Flight training is done by WindSports.

Location of Dockweiler State Beach

Location: Use following Coordinates:33°55'20.05"N 118°26'3.28"W in a GPS for exact locations. The beach is located at the western terminus of Imperial Highway in Playa del Rey. Park belongs to Los Angeles County and can be reached at (310) 322-7036.

Here is a detailed list of other state beaches of California besides Dockweiler State Beach.

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